The world is in darkness. Post-apocalyptic cities store the remnants of civilisation in their corners. Those who have managed to survive the apocalypse have no choice but to give themselves over to pulsating rhythms. Here are the first artists who will join the line-up of the second edition of the Trick or Beat festival and allow us to take a journey into another dimension.

This is the second instalment of the one-day festival, which this year will take you into a world straight out of futuristic stories. It's the best way to spend this year's Halloween. On 28 October, in a modernist space Centennial Hall, the best DJs and DJs will play for you. They will transport you to a new reality where there is no room for divisions.

The organisers decided this year to give more voice for women. One of the three themed stages at the festival will belong to the exclusively to ladies. At Spire Stage will feature, among others Lady Shaka. Originally from New Zealand and based in London, the DJ will be dropping by shortly after her debut at Glastonbury. Her music combines genres such as house, garage, dancehall and drum and bass, but is always heavily influenced by sounds inspired by her background.

Also playing on the same stage will be FrancaShe is highly regarded for her energetic, creative and groove-filled sets. Originally from Munich, the DJ moves on the fringes of techno and house. Her ability to sense audience, space and time is one of her trademarks. She is also a permanent resident of Berlin's club KaterBlau, one of the most popular techno clubs in Germany.

As the festival's headliner, Trick or Beat will play Korolova. Ukrainian-born DJ and producera is a great talent on the melodic house and techno scene. In just one year she has played 60 concerts in 20 countries, gathered 4.6 million plays on Spotify, 30 million impressions on YouTube and has released songs on influential labels such as AFTR:HRS, Get Physical Music i Armada. Korolova is a new pseudonym, but the Ukrainian has been involved in music for a decade. After many years of searching, she has found her own voice and style. She serves up melodic and escapist journeys that transport the audience to another dimension. Her slick productions - whether solo or with artists such as Jan Blomqvist, Falls or Tube & Berger Every day they climb the peaks on Beatport. They combine percussion with delicate keys, evocative vocals and chilling chord progressions that bring a real freshness to melodic techno and progressive house. This is evidenced by the reaction of her fans on the dancefloor, but also by the fact that they are played by influential DJs such as Tiesto, Pete Tong, Vintage Culture and many others. 

Trick or Beat is a festival for those craving electronic music in the bleak autumn season and longing for summer festivals. They will be welcomed by a unique modernist space Centennial Hall, filled with interesting blocks and slants.

At Trick or Beat everyone can feel safe. The organisers care not only about having fun, but also about the comfort of all participants. That is why there will be educational activities on the festival's social media and during the event on the topics of safety, body-positivity and broader inclusivity at mass events. So that all present can feel that others will take care of them if needed.

From the organisers:

Our festival focuses primarily on inclusiveness. The women's scene has inspired us to take steps towards educating participants about safety at parties and mass events. We feel that there is still a huge amount of unawareness that makes a large proportion of the female gender uncomfortable at events. We want to emphasise in our communication that there is no place at our event for any behaviour that might make anyone feel unsafe. We want everyone who comes to our event to feel safe at the event, no matter what he is wearing or what gender he is. We are keen to ensure that there is enough collective awareness so that it is not just our security or bar staff who are prepared to respond in dangerous situations. 


The organisers of Trick or Beat are the event agency Loud Production, which has been on the market for almost 10 years. Responsible for booking the event is C&C Bookings, the largest booking agency in Poland - bringing together, among others, Catz 'n Dogz, An On Bast, Jurek Przeździecki and Jacek Sienkiewicz. 


The first edition featured artists such as Jeff Mills, Kid Simius and Michael Meyer, so you can be sure that the event will be top-notch this time too!


Tickets for Trick or Beat 2023 can be purchased on the event website. EARLY BIRD passes available for £99 will be available for purchase until 19 July. There is a pool change on 20 July.


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